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We Are SSG launch and support budding recruitment entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. We provide a free launch facility for recruiters and then on-going support. If you are a recruiter, fed up of working for someone else or you’ve just always wanted to have 100% ownership of your own recruitment business, then We Are SSG would love to help.

So to be 100% clear:

1) We Are SSG identify motivated recruiters

2) SSG offer to launch their own recruitment business for free

3) SSG then contract with that new business to provide on-going support

4) SSG ask for a service charge in exchange for these services (which is a fancy way of saying we charge a descending percentage of the new company billings. This is NOT equity)

Still interested? I hope you are & therefore please have a read below before picking up the phone and having a chat with Max Jones who will be able to talk to you in more depth about all things SSG & how we can help you on your exciting path to becoming a recruitment entrepreneur. I mean even those two words sound cool don’t they!

Since 2003, SSG have been helping motivated recruitment consultants move from agency work to Business Ownership. These experienced Recruitment Consultants may have been working in an agency environment for a while now but have always had a burning desire to ‘go their own way’ and start their own thing in the way that they want.

Motivations to do this are of course always slightly different but generally speaking recruitment consultants that SSG have the pleasure of helping tend to be fed up with earning too much for someone else or disgruntled at the lack of control they have in both their work & personal lives. Sometimes they feel they are carrying other people in the company and the clients & candidates they work with are working with them for them, not the brand they come under.

Perhaps you can relate to one of these feelings?

Whatever your motivation, we fully understand where you are coming from.

SSG launch & support you through this transition.

1) Launch

SSG will launch your business. That means everything to do with the accounting side of things, the legal side, the creative side and the password allocation side (job boards, CRMs etc!). Without going into too much detail, this is free. There is no upfront cost nor fixed monthly charge.

2) Support

Once the business has been successfully launched, SSG will support your new business in three fields:
1) Recruitment (on going access to job boards etc!)
2) Back Office (accounting, payroll, factoring, MMA’s, invoicing, the tax bogie man etc!)
3) Business (drafting contracts, expanding, website, technical support, exit strategy etc!)

Essentially everything that doesn’t come under “making a placement” (which is the part we presume you like to do), SSG does.

3) Our Return (the service charge we spoke about at the top!)

SSG work on a “You win, SSG wins” basis, the “service charge” only kicks in, if your company bills. If your company make money, we make money. That’s it. It really is that clear and that transparent.

There is no fixed monthly cost to your business, and instead SSG ask for a percentage (which is never greater than 30% of GP) of your billings every month and a diminishing annual rate.

Call to action

If you would like to find out a little bit more about what we can offer & how we can help you achieve what you want, for your own business, your family & your own career, then please give Max Jones a call today.

You can find him easily on LinkedIn (he’s the one with the picture that has “WeareSSG” on it – pretty obvious hey!) & he’s always looking to have a good old chat on the phone about SSG and more importantly about your new venture. He gets excited about these type of things!

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