Career opportunities in United Kingdom

United Kingdom has a wealth of job opportunities for the right candidate with the right skills and experience. England is home to some of the biggest industrial conglomerations and has been an industrial giant since many years. It has a long tradition of industrial manufacturing. United Kingdom is also considered as a financial hub for the world and London is home to many finance companies. Job opportunities are available in many sectors and as a result it has always attracted immigrants from all over the world. The financial condition of the European Union is not so great still England has managed to insulate itself from the financial mess to a large extent.


Importance of professional qualifications:

England offers a plethora of job opportunities; the pay is good and the working hours are far better than most of the other countries. Searching and landing the right job is a different issue. Though there are several career opportunities in United Kingdom, the government is clear that the first choice has to be a resident of the country. It will allow for immigrants to fill in the position only if the right candidate is not available internally. The prospective employee needs to be well versed in the English culture and should possess the right professional qualifications. Many of the degrees of foreign countries are recognised by the government. In case they are not recognised, people may have to appear for a test to check their knowledge and skills. In the worst case scenario, they may be required to undergo a short-term course or even take the entire course in England. This is true for professions that require higher qualifications like doctors and surgeons. England is facing a shortage of qualified manpower in this healthcare line. There is a shortage of even qualified nurses in the country.


Wage conditions in England:

Though England scores over many countries in paying salaries to its people, the cost of living is also very high, particularly in London. People spend a substantial amount of their wages on lodging and boarding. Food is costly and so is the cost of rented premises. Though English people do not have a habit of saving, immigrants try to save a portion of their wages so that it can be sent back home. London may not offer good opportunities for this owing to the cost of living. However, looking at the overall situation, they still prefer to work in London and search for suitable career opportunities in United Kingdom. This condition apart, United Kingdom offers a very safe working atmosphere with very little racial profiling and discrimination on the basis of gender or colour of skin. There are several job opportunities for skilled as well as unskilled manpower. Though outsourcing to other countries has reduced positions, several jobs require the presence of the employees in the country itself.


The country has always been a beacon for job seekers on account of several career opportunities in United Kingdom. The job conditions are also conducive and wages and conditions better than in many countries.

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